Auto Art - Commissioning a hand drawn digital illustration of the most cherished family member - your car!

January 26, 2024

We all have different feeling towards our cars. Some of us are utilitarian in our thinking, regarding our ride as simply that, a means of getting from a to b, with the inconvenience of the occasional repair bill and the not so occasional trip to fill up.

For others, our affection extends to nudging the flesh and blood syndrome by naming our cars, embarrassing when reporting a missing persons incident to the local constabulary, explaining that 'when I returned to the car park, Arthur was missing and he just wouldn't talk to strangers, let alone drive off with one'.

Finally there are those for whom there is little hope. A four-wheeled companion that is, quite simply, the centre of their universe. Loved, cherished and with the power to empty a bank account through a sustained strategy of ongoing enhancement and not always necessary maintenance.

So for those people, without an ounce of logic or common sense (and I include myself in this group of hopeless individuals), there is hope and a clear road to car-lover satisfaction in the form of a family portrait consisting of the most important member - your car.

I think I may be able to help. Send me some photos of your car, and I can create a hand drawn digital portrait exclusively for you, including a high quality A3 Giclee signed print. The original digital artwork is signed over to you, perfect for a 'desktop wallpaper' for your phone or PC and you can reproduce your illustration at any size, for wherever and whenever you want.

Maybe, you would like a gallery quality print for your office, home or even garage of another car you have always dreamed of?

Contact me for more details, you know it makes little sense but why not do it anyway!

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